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2017 Mission Song List

To listen to all of our available songs for the Mission Trip on Spotify.

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2017 Mission Theme: “The Road”

Your life is always in motion, even when you’re not aware of the direction you’re headed. In a sense, we’re on a road trip that spans a lifetime. During the summer of 2017, we invite you to see where Jesus takes you as you join others along The Road.

Two followers of Jesus walked on a road from Jerusalem to a small town called Emmaus. They were struggling with their disappointment after Jesus died. When a stranger joined them along the way, they thought it was just another weary and discouraged traveler. Soon, to their amazement, they discovered that the fellow traveler was Jesus.

STUDENTS: I’m asking you all read all of Luke Chapter 24 before June 17!

Daily sections of The Road:

Sunday: “From home to here”. Luke 24:13

Monday: “From Disappointment to Doubt”. Luke 24:13-24

Tuesday: “From Doubt to Hope”. Luke 24:25-27

Wednesday: “From Hope to Hunger”. Luke 24:28-35

Thursday: “From Hunger to Joy”. Luke 24:36-48

Friday: “From Joy to Home”. Luke 24:49

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