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Men’s Steak Out

Attention #CrossroadSM students, you are all encouraged to attend the Men’s Steak Out tomorrow (Sunday, June 11th). If you need a ride please let me know and I’ll pick you up and bring you home. If you’re short on cash, I can take care of that too! HMU!Steakout.jpg


2017 Mission Song List

To listen to all of our available songs for the Mission Trip on Spotify.

Click Here For Play List

2017 Mission Theme: “The Road”

Your life is always in motion, even when you’re not aware of the direction you’re headed. In a sense, we’re on a road trip that spans a lifetime. During the summer of 2017, we invite you to see where Jesus takes you as you join others along The Road.

Two followers of Jesus walked on a road from Jerusalem to a small town called Emmaus. They were struggling with their disappointment after Jesus died. When a stranger joined them along the way, they thought it was just another weary and discouraged traveler. Soon, to their amazement, they discovered that the fellow traveler was Jesus.

STUDENTS: I’m asking you all read all of Luke Chapter 24 before June 17!

Daily sections of The Road:

Sunday: “From home to here”. Luke 24:13

Monday: “From Disappointment to Doubt”. Luke 24:13-24

Tuesday: “From Doubt to Hope”. Luke 24:25-27

Wednesday: “From Hope to Hunger”. Luke 24:28-35

Thursday: “From Hunger to Joy”. Luke 24:36-48

Friday: “From Joy to Home”. Luke 24:49

Required Participant Forms

     Workcamp is just five weeks away!  I’m super excited, I hope you all are as well.  We’ve been working hard preparing for this trip since last October, and all of our labor is about to pay off.   We have also been trying to prepare our hearts as well, and I know God will reveal himself to all of us this summer.
     We are still waiting for a bunch of you to fill out the online forms.  If you do not have internet access at home, please let me know.  I can have a computer available at church to get that done.  All of these were supposed to be done last week, so please do this ASAP.
     The participant Info Form is not available at our Group’s Page!  Any participant that is 17 or younger needs to have their parent/guardian go here to fill in their information and digitally sign for them. Participants that are 18 or older go here to fill in their own info and digitally sign.  (These digital signatures are new for us this year, so no need to print out anything and mail it to them!)  Here is a quick instruction video of this if you need it.
     Everyone, EVERYONE needs to fill this out.  This includes the students AND the adults.IF YOU’RE RECEIVING THIS EMAIL it means YOU (OR YOUR CHILD(REN) have NOT filled out the form.PLEASE DO SO ASAP!

It’s Just a Phase Event

A great event that is absolutely free. This is for parents of teenagers (or soon to be teenagers) or anyone that works with teenagers. It is on Saturday, March 4th from 6:00pm – 8:30pm at The Ridge. It is absolutely free and we are providing a kids program for ages 0-5th grade. So, we eliminated two big reasons why parents might not come. That’s how much we want everyone to join us that night.

It is free, but we are ticketing the event so we can be sure we don’t have more people come than we have seats for. People can sign up to get their free tickets at Tickets are general admission and will be given out on a first-come, first serve basis. Se we are telling people not to wait.

If people would like more information about the Phase event they can check out our website at, or if you have any questions regarding the event you can contact Hannah Simonton at



Mission Trip Support Letter

Below is a sample letter you can use to send out to friends and family so they can help you raise the money you need to go.  All checks should be made out to Crossroad Community Church.  Please collect the monies and give it to me in an envelope with your name on it.  This way we can make sure it gets credited to your account.

You will want to send this out to friends and relatives.   Deadline to mail them out is March 10th.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is the sample letter:


All letters should be sent out by March 10th.

Here is our trip details:

Serving In: Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Dates: June 18, 2017 – June 24, 2017

Indiana Pacers’ Faith & Family Night

Sign-Up by February 19th!

Check in begins at 5:30 PM March 24th at Crossroad Community Church. Vans will leave CCC at 5:45 sharp. If you are not at CCC by 5:45 PM it will be your responsibility to get transportation to Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Cost is $20.00 Per person. Cost includes your ticket to the game, a hot dog, bag of chips, soda, and Pacers hat, PLUS access to hear one of the Pacers discuss their faith after the game.

Everyone needs to fill out a sign-up form.  Download one HERE or pick one up at Church.

Sky Zone Reminder

There has been some confusion as to the liability waivers.  There are two waivers that need to be signed.  One is the waiver for Crossroad Community Church, and the other is for Sky Zone.  You can not participate unless BOTH waivers are completed by you if you’re 18 or older, or by your parent/guardian if you’re under 18.  If you have not turned in your waiver for Crossroad Community Church you may bring it tonight.  If you have not completed a waiver for Sky Zone you can do that online.  If you have a smartphone you can do it on your mobile device.  Otherwise, you’ll need a computer.  Please let me know (317-401-1044) if you need help.  I’ve included links for both waivers below.

Click Here to download the Crossroad Community Church waiver

Click Here to fill out the Sky Zone waiver

Lastly, please be at Crossroad Community Church at, OR BEFORE, 7:45.  We will need to be at Sky Zone by 8:30 so we will leave the CCC as soon as everyone is there, or 8:00 PM.

If you’ve signed up and will not be able to make it, PLEASE let me know so we are not waiting on you.

We will not be stopping to eat on the way back, so if you need to eat between 8:00 and 11:00 PM please bring a snack or money to purchase snacks there.

We will be back at the church at 11:30 PM.

If you have any questions, please call me at (317) 401-1044.



Sky Zone Glow Nigh Update

It almost time to get your jump on!  I called Sky Zone today to confirm or reservation and to give them an updated number of participants.  During the conversation they stated they require a Liability Waiver to be signed by everyone.  If you’re younger then 17, than your parent or guardian needs to sign one.  The good news is you can do it on line.  So between now and Saturday I need everyone to go HERE and fill one out.  No one will be allowed to participate unless they have one on file.

Again, please click on the link to fill out a waiver for all.  I’ve asked if they can email me a paper form, but have not yet received it.  If you are bringing a friend, please make sure you get this to them and their parent/guardian as well.


We currently have 28 souls going on our trip.  If you have not signed up and want to go, please let me know ASAP.



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