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The Kids Are Still Alright

University professor Rob Jenkins believes today’s students are in many ways more advanced academically than students from previous generations.

As parents and teachers, it’s easy to fall into the trap of judging this generation for their foibles (small attention span, addicted to technology). “Youth is wasted on the young” the old saying goes.  Instead, Professor Jenkins encourages us to “Look for the good” and “expect excellence” from them. “I find myself being reminded by young people every day that life is good and beautiful and exciting and worth living.” We can learn a great deal from our students about racial equality, social justice, saving money, and how to use the new iPhone X! Teachers, here are four quick ways to grab your student’s attention during the first five minutes of class.


Youth Sunday Meeting

We will be having a meeting Sunday, October 1st, following the second service.  We will be assigning youth to the Youth Sunday Service on October 29th.  If you are interested in singing, reading scripture, welcoming guests to the church or giving a message, you will need to be at this meeting.  We will be providing lunch, so please sign by texting me or signing up in the foyer.

2018 Workcamp

This summer, #CrossroadSM will be traveling to Hamilton Ohio for our summer mission trip.  We will be leaving Sunday morning June 24th, and will be returning Saturday evening June 30th.

2018 workcamp application

COST:  The total amount the student is responsible for is $450.00.  A non refundable $50.00 deposit is requires at the time the student’s registration is turned in.  Please make all checks out to Crossroad Community Church.  $200 is then due by March 1st, 2018 with the remaining $200 being due by May 1st, 2018.

FUNDRAISING:  We will be having fundraisers to help offset some, (several students were able to raise ALL of their registration fees by our fundraisers alone) if not all, of the registration fee.  In order to get a portion of the funds raised at a fundraising event you must be present at that event.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  During Workcamp we will be staying at a local High School.  Students will want to bring a towel and washcloth, plastic bags for wet or soiled clothing, an air mattress or foam pad, sleeping bag or sheets/blankets, bathing suite for showering and personal toilet articles.  A complete list of tools and other items will be made available at our parent meeting in January.

SPENDING MONEY:  Each student will need around $100.00 in spending money for food while traveling, and for food for our activity on Wednesday.

More details will follow as they become available.  If you have any questions please contact me by voice or text at (317) 455-4WAR or by email at

Download application here:  2018 workcamp application

Or you can pick one up in the front lobby at CCC.


Clarity’s “my best for you”

Clarity’s “my best for you” workshop is coming to Crossroad Community Church on November 11th. This workshop is designed for middle school students and their parents/adult mentors.

My Best for You, a workshop designed for upper elementary/middle school students and their parents/ adult mentors, lays a foundation of truth and empowers families to have honest conversations.

In fun, interactive and age appropriate ways, families will be equipped to guard their hearts, minds, and bodies with Bible-based knowledge.

Utilizing both large group presentations and small group discussions, participants learn:

  • Our worth comes from God
  • Our identity is found in Jesus
  • The Bible is our source of truth
  • The male and female reproductive systems
  • Sexual activity is a gift of intimacy and reproduction for married couples
  • God provides healthy boundaries for our protection
  • Skills to navigate relationships and the media
  • To identify their support systems
  • Jesus is our Savior, Guide, and Strength

    God’s plan for our life is always in our best interest. Nothing the world offers can compare to living within God’s truths. God wants us to have an abundant life in all areas while experiencing true freedom inside His safe boundaries.

To Register, or learn more about the workshop click on this link:  MBFY flyer


Faith & Football – Indianapolis Colts

Sunday, November 26th.  Colts vs. Tennessee Titans  1:00 PM Kickoff.

You’re invited to attend the Indianapolis Colts versus Tennessee Titans game at Lucas Oil Stadium and and enjoy a faith based post-game event featuring special Colts guests!

Experience includes:

  • Ticket to the game
  • Post-Game Field Pass
  • Photo Opportunity (bring your own cameras)
  • Inspirational messages and testimonials from select Colts Players and Coaches.

Seats will be in section 645.

I have 13 tickets available at a discounted price of $40.00.  This discounted price is for youth group members only, and on a first come first serve basis.  These 13 will also get transportation to and from the event.

Regular ticket price is $67.00 and is available to all Crossroad Community Church members and their friends, and you’ll be responsible for your own transportation to and from Lucas Oil Stadium.

You must sign up AND pay for your ticket by September 10th.

Please sign-up on line at:


#CrossroadSM Back To School Bash

Just a reminder, the #CrossroadSM is having their Back to School Pool Bash this Saturday. It will be at Glenn and TeAnn Kuntz‘s home (6086 W 850 S, Edinburgh, IN 46124). It will be from 5 to 8:00PM, food and drinks will be provided. Open to all MS and HS students. Please RSVP here:

Kings Island Trip

#CrossroadSM is heading over to Kings Island July 25th.  We will be leaving Crossroad Community Church at 8:30 AM and will return to CCC at around 11:00 PM.   Cost is $15.00 per person (make checks out to Crossroad Community Church) and will include your ticket into Kings Island as well as transportation.  The students will be responsible for any food they wish to purchase while at the Park.  All students must have a 2017 Kings Island Permission Slip  signed by their parent or guardian and turned in by July 23rd.

Contact Warren if you have any questions.

2017 Kings Island Sign Up for the permission slip or pick one up at CCC.



Summer Sports League #3

The third SCC and CCC game night will be held at Shelbyville Community Church on Wednesday July 19th, 2017, from 5:00-7:00 PM. Games include soccer, Frisbee golf, gaga ball, basketball and a few others.

Please invite as many friends as you like/can.

Contact Warren Robison with any questions, text (317) 455-4

July 2nd Game Nite

The second SCC and CCC game night will be held at Crossroad Community Church this Sunday, July 2nd, 2017, from 5:00-7:00PM.  Games include soccer, frisbee golf, gaga ball, basketball and a few others.

CCC will be providing hotdogs, chips, and water.

Please invite as many friends as you like.

Contact Warre Robison with any questions, text (317) 455-4war.

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