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July 2, 2018

Youth Sunday (Workcamp Report)

What a week!  We saw God do some really great things this past week.  Now is the time to write down where you saw God work in your life, or in another camper, and any memories.

Youth Sunday is July 29th, and we will be giving a report of Workcamp.  I will be taping interviews the week of July 16-19th.  Please let me know what day and time would be best for you that week.  Some questions I may be asking during the interview is:

  1. What was your most memorable moment during camp?
  2. Describe/talk about your resident
  3. How did you see God work in your life?
  4. How did you see God work thru you to another last week?
  5. What will you miss the most?
  6. Are you looking forward to next year, and if so why?

We will be having four speakers slots for the youth.  If you would like to speak about your experience, and how last week changed your life, please put your thoughts on paper and email, or hand deliver them, to me by July 16th.

Any questions hit me up!

Love you guys!




Slip ‘N Slide Kickball!!

This Sunday we will be kicking off Battle of the Sexes with Slip ‘N Slide Kick Ball!  So invite your family, your friends, and your enemies!

The game is open to anyone entering the sixth grade all away up to seniors!  Dress to get wet!

The first pitch starts at 6:00 PM so don’t be late!

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