Released just after midnight last night, it’s the fourth single from Taylor Swift’s upcoming album, Reputation.

If the “old Taylor is dead”, the new Taylor still has something in common with her former self; she’s vindictive. From “Picture to Burn”, “Bad Blood”, “Look What You Made Me Do”, and now “Call it What You Want”, Swift has built a career out of making revenge songs sound like love songs. In part because her consistent solution to relational problems is not only a new boyfriend but a “scorched earth” policy toward her enemies.

The pop diva has the platform to empower an entire generation of young girls, but we mourn the fact she’s using her influence to communicate that being strong means burning bridges, seeking revenge, and harboring anger. Real strength lies in the ability to forgive, reconcile, and move on. Ask your daughter what takes more courage: to live in anger with classmates who have wronged her, or forgive them. “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”