Clarity’s “my best for you” workshop is coming to Crossroad Community Church on November 11th. This workshop is designed for middle school students and their parents/adult mentors.

My Best for You, a workshop designed for upper elementary/middle school students and their parents/ adult mentors, lays a foundation of truth and empowers families to have honest conversations.

In fun, interactive and age appropriate ways, families will be equipped to guard their hearts, minds, and bodies with Bible-based knowledge.

Utilizing both large group presentations and small group discussions, participants learn:

  • Our worth comes from God
  • Our identity is found in Jesus
  • The Bible is our source of truth
  • The male and female reproductive systems
  • Sexual activity is a gift of intimacy and reproduction for married couples
  • God provides healthy boundaries for our protection
  • Skills to navigate relationships and the media
  • To identify their support systems
  • Jesus is our Savior, Guide, and Strength

    God’s plan for our life is always in our best interest. Nothing the world offers can compare to living within God’s truths. God wants us to have an abundant life in all areas while experiencing true freedom inside His safe boundaries.

To Register, or learn more about the workshop click on this link:  MBFY flyer