Workcamp is just five weeks away!  I’m super excited, I hope you all are as well.  We’ve been working hard preparing for this trip since last October, and all of our labor is about to pay off.   We have also been trying to prepare our hearts as well, and I know God will reveal himself to all of us this summer.
     We are still waiting for a bunch of you to fill out the online forms.  If you do not have internet access at home, please let me know.  I can have a computer available at church to get that done.  All of these were supposed to be done last week, so please do this ASAP.
     The participant Info Form is not available at our Group’s Page!  Any participant that is 17 or younger needs to have their parent/guardian go here to fill in their information and digitally sign for them. Participants that are 18 or older go here to fill in their own info and digitally sign.  (These digital signatures are new for us this year, so no need to print out anything and mail it to them!)  Here is a quick instruction video of this if you need it.
     Everyone, EVERYONE needs to fill this out.  This includes the students AND the adults.IF YOU’RE RECEIVING THIS EMAIL it means YOU (OR YOUR CHILD(REN) have NOT filled out the form.PLEASE DO SO ASAP!