We all know that children grow up too fast, but we can’t slow down time.  What do you want your children to learn and experience before they leave home and enter the world?  Group Mission Trips provide a great way for your children to experience leadership, teamwork, problem solving, confidence, compassion and spiritual growth in a safe environment.

  • Leadership – Your child will be put on a supervised crew of 6 others where they will fulfill 1 of 6 specific roles and work together to complete a service project or home repair for a resident.
  • Teamwork – Your child will meet other youth from different states and come together on a crew to accomplish a goal that is bigger than each of them individually. They will make a lasting impact by providing a source of hope to those they serve.
  • Problem Solving – your child will work with 4 other youth and 1 adult to transform a home or serve a local agency where they may run into incorrect material or wrong directions or even difficult people.  Year over year crews find creative solutions to accomplish their tasks.
  • Confidence – your child will learn they can work with many different people to serve and accomplish huge tasks on their own. Many often arrive thinking they cannot do this without parental assistance, and leave knowing they can positively influence and change lives on their own.
  • Compassion – Your child will work with people from many different walks of life which may be different than those they come into contact and work with at home. This gives children a great perspective, and the reward is as rich for your child as those they serve.
  • Spiritual Growth – Your child will attend morning and evening interactive programs that guide their faith in Jesus to become more powerful and real. There will also be devotions during lunch and opportunities to discuss all they are experiencing with their youth group in the evening.

In my 15 years being involved in youth ministry I’ve been to numerous “Bible”/“Youth” camps.  But none have compared to a Group Work Camp Mission Week.  There is just something about working along side, serving Christ, in a small group setting.

Or maybe it’s the nightly service?  Filled with excitement, praise, and the Holy Spirit.  Maybe it’s the thousands of adults from the churches the students come from, all praying in one accord four our campers, leaders, and the community we’re serving.

Or is it the 400 + teenagers that still have the “I alone can change the world” attitude?  Or, more likely, the combination of therm all.  What ever it is lives will be changed next week.  Work camp will cause hearts to be soften and open to the spirit.

Workcamp encourages our eyes to see the world from a different perspective.  It stretches our faith in ways we never thought possible.  It does not matter if your child’s walk with God is new, or if they are mature in Christ; they will be effected by the experience it offers next week.  Each and everyone of you are blessed that your child/young adult, has once again, chosen to take a week of their summer vacation and serve those less fortunate.